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      Founded in 1992, China's well-known abrasive manufacturers!
      Message from Chairman


          How time flies, Zhuhai Elephant Abrasives Co., Ltd has been gone through more than twenty years in abrasives industry. We have gained fruitful results and won the honor society and industrial recognition under the stormy grow. For ELE Abrasives, the production line is our basic stone, product quality is our lifeline, and brand marketing is our strategic direction, High-end technology is the future growth. With the international perspective, Cutting-edge ideas, steady space, carrying the hopes and dreams of the front row, adhering to the grinding out a world brand’ to build a strong customer service platform. By making the First-class product quality, perfect service system, high-end brand positioning, unified business model, improve the overall quality of the team, strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises by leaps and bounds. ELE Abrasives based on the domestic premium brand, into the international cutting-edge brand, to become the world's leading resin-bonded abrasives manufacturers and service providers, all of the staffs  were determined to a company of the world's most respected manufacturer in abrasives industry, production and marketing within the global industry giants strategic cooperation, sharing of global market resources.

      ?Looking to the future development prospects in abrasives industry, ELE Abrasives still has a long way to go, ELE Abrasives is not just a enterprise , but also a platform for providing opportunities  
          to everyone to realize their dreams.ELE Abrasives sincerely thanks all friends who give us the enthusiastic support , and sincerely hope to work with them , develop together and improve together.  ELE Abrasives will follow up high quality standard to century brand.

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