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      Founded in 1992, China's well-known abrasive manufacturers!


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      Brand description: To achieve the value model.

      Product position: based on the quality of Gold Elephant inside and outside, it has more improved product safety, reliability, high grinding ratio, the hardness of the carbon steel profiles with better cutting effect, the ordinary steel Profile cutting life greatly improved.

      Price position: high and top level

      Material: abrasive: international GB / T2478-1996 quality exported type sand.

      Reinforced fiber:per inch width ≥ 1400N tensile strength.

      Resin binder: a factory supporting the production of high-quality resin.

      Process level: fully automated, central air-conditioning operating environment production; PLC automatic control of continuous curing furnace hardening.

      Product appearance Sensory level: high-quality plastic bags moisture-proof packaging, K = K high-tensile double-pit imports of paper packaging, four-color high-quality printing, anti-counterfeit labels and color printing with high quality packing.

      Marketing concept: payment diversion, expansion of the district, through large, hand in hand with famous brands.

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