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      Founded in 1992, China's well-known abrasive manufacturers!


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      Brand description: Efficient, perfect

      Product position: stable and fast grinding, efficient fast, perfect.

      Price position: moderate

      Material : abrasive: the international GB / T2478-1996 general level sand.

      Reinforced fiber: per inch width ≥ 1000N above the tensile strength.

      Resin binder: domestic enterprises supporting the production of high-quality resin.

      Process level: semi-automatic, central air-conditioning operating environment production; PLC automatic control of continuous curing furnace hardening.

      Product appearance Sensory level: high-quality plastic bags moisture-proof packaging, K = K high-tensile double pit paper packaging, four-color high-quality printing, anti-counterfeit labels and color printing with high quality packing.

      Marketing concept: the first to reach.

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