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      Founded in 1992, China's well-known abrasive manufacturers!


      Construction Industry
      To provide safe, innovative products and solutions for the people who build, renovate and improve our living environment.

      Diamond saws, cutters and grinding wheels for professionals, craftsmen and contractors in demand, including floor saws, stone saws, drills, tile saws and a variety of diamond saw blades and grinding tools


      Construction Saw & Machine

       For all kinds of materials,such as cutting, grinding, drilling saws and machines:

      • Reinforced and non-reinforced concrete

      • General hard building materials

      • Porcelain, ceramics, granite, tiles, terracotta tiles

      • Asphalt, Abrasive and so on

      • Portable cutting machine

      • Floor saws, stone saws, tile saws, hollow drill

      • Electric wiping plate

      • Wall cutting machine

      Manual & Power Tools

      Used for grinding various substrates of manual or electric tools

      • Board

      • Paints and varnishes

      • Metal

      • Plastic

      • Cutting machine for stone

      • Drill tools

      • Ground handling machines

      • Wall saws

      Cutting disc & grinding wheel

       For a wide range of materials of cutting discs and grinding wheels

      • Tiles and roof tiles

      • Metal and aluminum products

      • Bricks

      • Polyvinyl chloride

      • Reinforced and non-reinforced concrete

      • Hard and ordinary building materials

      • Porcelain, glazed, granite, ceramic tile

      • Brick, asphalt, abrasive products

      Ancillary productsCustomized program consulting Customized program application

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