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      Founded in 1992, China's well-known abrasive manufacturers!


      Electronics & Medical Devices

      We offer a wide range of abrasive solutions, which including high-precision diamond grinding tools for the electronics, life sciences and food processing industries with strict technical, quality and safety standards.

      1、Electronic equipment

      From wafer and chip processing to LED, optoelectronic device components manufacturing,we provide comprehensive abrasive solutions for a variety of electronic industry applications.


      • Quantitative silicon block
      • Surface grinding and chamfering of silicon blocks
      • Ingot trimming
      • Chip slices
      • Wafer edge grinding
      • Wafer back grinding
      • Micro-die cutting
      • LED substrate surface grinding

      2、Medical instruments

      Providing coated abrasive belts and consolidated grinding wheels for the production of knee joints, hip joints, prostheses and instruments for titanium, cobalt-chrome or stainless steel.


      • Coarse grinding
      • Semi-finishing
      • Hypodermic needle cutting, cutting
      • Scalpels, surgical scissors and other tools of grinding, ceramic prosthetic components of the grinding
      • Joint and interface polishing
      • Surface Finishing

      Ancillary productsCustomized program consulting Customized program application

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