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      Founded in 1992, China's well-known abrasive manufacturers!
      Process instructions

      Service/Process instructions

      Advertising application: fill out the 《advertising application》.《The advertising application form 》must clearly state the location (outdoor advertising, indoor advertising), content (which brand), form (light box, lintel, body), category (inkjet or others) and other requirements , whether it covers costs, and payment methods. Customer service charge 《advertising application form》 in accordance with the corresponding internal work flow to advertising marketing planning department, marketing management center, store management center for review, assessment by the advertising planning department to get in touch with customers to implement the completion of advertising.

      Return application: when you fill out the 《return application form》,please note the reason ,such as the quality of the problem, or poor sales returns. If it is the reason of the quality , the customer that is outside the province needs send the samples to company to test, if the customer is in GuangDong province , please send the samples to the driver and the samples will be tested. Customer service staff receives《return application form》,in accordance with the corresponding internal work processes to notify the customer to accept the relevant returns.

      Product Quality Complaints: when you Call customer service staff or write a complaint product quality problems, the first time to feedback where the accident occurred, the time, the process ,description of the product status, production date (batch), resulting in the severity of the accident, Tool type, power and other information, according to the relevant information feedback to the quality control department, the quality control department of the sample test and issued a written test report, feedback to the customer until the customer satisfaction.

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